3 Facts about Rose Wines in Long Island, NY

If you enjoy red wine and white wine, chances are you may also enjoy rose wines Long Island, NY wine stores have available. This beautifully blush colored alcoholic beverage offers a subtly sweet and light flavor that is refreshing on a hot summer day. If you have never tried rose wines, Long Island wine stores likely have an amazing selection that you can choose from. Below are three facts about rose wines to help you get started.

1 – How to get the wine pink

Most people that are new to drinking rose wines first wonder how it gets its color. Since red wine comes from red grapes and white wine originates from green grapes then where does pink wine come from? The answer is that pink wine comes from soaking the grape skins for a certain amount of time to give the wine its lovely blush hue.

2 – Shades of pink with varied soaking

When it comes to choosing rose wines, Long Island residents should be aware that they can purchase rose wines that are various shades of pink. The reason for this is that the longer the winemaker soaks the grape skins, the deeper the pink hue will be.

3 – The biggest Rose producers

Rose wines aren’t limited to a specific region of the world since they can actually be made from any grape. Instead, winemakers from all over the world produce this delicious wine especially in France, Spain, Italy, and The United States.

There are local rose wines Long Island stores that sell this amazing wine. One of the best local wine shops to purchase wine from is Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors. You can find an amazing variety of rose wines to choose from that are sure to satiate your palate.

For the best Rose wines in the Hamptons, consider Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors.

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