3 Custom Home Trends to Build Your Fantasy Home

Building a custom home is something that many people dream about. One day we all want to live in our fantasy house, and for most of those lucky enough to achieve that dream, that means diving into the world of new construction. Homes that are already standing in Jacksonville, FL, may not be able to be remodeled into what you’ve been dreaming of creating. A brand new building is often the best choice. Here are some of the top trends for fantasy homes in the world of new construction today.

Every Square Inch of Space Is Usable

One of the key trends in modern homes today is that designers are finding new ways to get rid of wasted space. First, we saw open floor plans that eliminated useless hallways and tiny rooms. Now we’re seeing things like lift-and-slide doors that allow homeowners to extend their living space to the outdoors in good weather, and more glass to prevent dark and dreary rooms. Designers are focusing on clean lines that don’t waste space so that homeowners can get every bit of room for living.

Homes Are Getting Smarter

Another key trend in new construction homes these days is the way we utilize technology within them. Smart homes, with voice-activated electronics and Wi-Fi, enabled personal assistant devices, are quickly gaining popularity. The idea of a “smart home ecosystem” continues to evolve, making it easier to control every aspect of a home from anywhere in the world. From the temperature of the rooms to the mood lighting overhead, smart homes can be designed to control just about any aspect of your environment now.

Neglected Features Getting Attention

In the past, every home designer was focused on making kitchens and bathrooms as luxurious as possible. These two rooms sold more houses than any other feature in a home. However, recent trends show that many people building their fantasy homes are putting a lot more attention on other areas of the home, such as the laundry room and the entry way. While kitchens and bathrooms still get plenty of love, new construction homes are getting a more holistic treatment.

Create Your Dream Home in North Florida

New construction homes are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to create their fantasy in Jacksonville, FL. North Florida Builders Inc. can help you make your dream a reality. Call us at (904) 288-7670 to learn how to get started designing your custom home.

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