3 Common Myths About Granite Countertops In Minneapolis Kitchens

3 Common Myths About Granite Countertops In Minneapolis Kitchens

Before getting any type of countertop, it is important for Minneapolis homeowners to make sure they have a complete picture of the type of natural stone they select. There is a lot of confusion between the two most popular and beautiful natural stone options, with those being marble and granite.

Overall, granite is harder, more stain resistant and offers a greater range of colors than marble. It is also less costly than marble, which makes it a great choice for most homeowners for a renovation in the kitchen of on a Minneapolis custom home project.

To get a better picture of the reality of living with granite countertops in the kitchen, here are three common myths and the reality of living with granite.

Myth 1: Granite Will Not Stain

While granite is much better at naturally resisting stains than marble, it should be sealed to make it more stain resistant. This is due to the porous nature of the stone that will allow acidic or staining liquids to seep into the stone, increasing the risk of damage.

When the granite countertops are sealed, the pores are closed, preventing the liquid or material from getting past the protective surface layer.

Myth 2: Granite Will Need To Be Polished Regularly

Once granite countertops are polished and installed, they should never need to be polished again. Of course, if they are under extremely heavy use they can become damaged, but this is very rare. Simply wiping down the surface with a cloth and warm water can keep countertops looking rich and lustrous.

Myth 3: Granite Cannot Take Heat

Granite is an extremely heat-tolerant countertop. It can take pots and pans right from the oven or the stove placed directly on the surface. However, as with all countertops, using a hot pad or trivet will always provide a bit of extra protection and prevent scraping the pots are moved.

If you have any questions about granite in the kitchen, talk to your supplier before the installation. This will give you specific information on the granite you are selecting.

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