4 Signs You Need to Make That Call to an AC Repair Service

AC problems can seem to spring out of nowhere. One minute, your unit seems fine and the next, the air doesn’t seem to heat or cool properly anymore.

However, experts know there are plenty of signs along the way that tell you when your AC is going bad. You probably haven’t been paying attention to these signs. Look for a reliable air conditioning service in Jacksonville FL as soon as you encounter the following:

Faulty thermostat

If you keep changing your thermostat settings and nothing seems to be happening, the first thing you’ll want to do is check if the battery is still working. If it’s not a battery problem, then that’s the time to open up the thermostat and check insider, says SFGate. Not sure how to do this, though? Call in a professional for help.

Poor airflow

If the room isn’t getting enough cool air, the fix might be as simple as clearing the dust and dirt out of the clogged filter. However, this might not be the only problem. A professional can assess your unit and identify other signs that might point to a bigger issue with your system.

Strange sounds

Aside from the humming noise that a lot of AC systems generate, you should be hearing anything else coming out of your unit. If you hear grinding or squealing sounds, don’t dismiss that, thinking it’s your unit getting old. That could mean certain components or parts are now out of alignment. Put in a call to an air conditioning service in Jacksonville FL to get that fixed right away.

Strange smells

Smell something musty? There could be mold growing inside the unit, due to moisture problems. Burnt smell? This might be caused by an overheated part or burnt wire. Call in a pro to find out what the problem is.

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