What Patients Should Know About Partial Dentures In Banning, CA

In California, patients with missing teeth need a real solution to replace their teeth. A local dental professional provides beneficial options for replacing teeth that were extracted. Among these choices are partials. These devices can replace entire sections of teeth at once. The following is information about Partial Dentures in Banning CA that patients should know.

How are Partials Made?

Initially, the dentist creates a mold of the patient’s gums. They measure surrounding teeth to determine the right size for the teeth affixed in the partial. They send the mold and these measurements to a lab. The lab produces the partial based on these specifications. Once it is finished, the dentist schedules a fitting with the patient.

What Options are Available with Partials?

The dentist can provide a permanent partial or a removable appliance. The removable partial is held in place with an adhesive. The permanent partial is installed with the use of crowns at the end of each section. However, a partial is also available as dental implants. These partials are installed with two or more titanium roots based on the total number of sections installed.

What are the Benefits of a Partial?

The benefits are based on what type of partial the patients choose. The partials that are installed with dental implants provide the most beneficial results. They won’t fall out and last longer in most cases. However, patients who need a more economical choice can acquire removable partials.

What Should Patients Know?

The patients are advised of any possible issues that could arise while wearing partials. Typically, they won’t face problems until the partial wasn’t fitted correctly. However, some patients may experience some gum irritation when they choose removable partials. With the permanent partial, they have a small risk of infection.

In California, patients address missing teeth by choosing the right replacement option for them. This choice is made according to the benefits the patient receives, whether they are covered by insurance and the overall cost for the patient. Patients who want to explore options for Partial Dentures in Banning CA contact Beaumont Dental Group or visit  for more information today.

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