Using Cosmetic Dentistry to Transform A Smile in Littleton

Using Cosmetic Dentistry to Transform A Smile in Littleton

A person’s smile can say a lot about them. It’s subconsciously used by others as a representation of one’s lifestyle, health, and status. While most don’t give it a second thought, the teeth can make or break a first impression. It’s important to take great care of the teeth to ensure that they are always presentable. cosmetic dentistry in littleton is there to help people get the smile they’ve always dreamed of. Cosmetic dentists can do a number of procedures to alter the smile.

Whitening is one of the most common forms of Cosmetic Dentistry. With advances in technology and dentistry, these procedures can take less than an hour to complete. Depending on one’s lifestyle, the teeth can become dull and stained. Certain foods and drink can severely worsen the color of the teeth. Other activities like smoking and chewing tobacco also take their toll. While it’s always recommended to brush the teeth regularly, these stains often penetrate deep into the teeth. This is when a dentist will recommend a whitening procedure. The dentist will first clean the teeth to get rid of surface stains. They’ll then apply a whitening agent to the teeth and expose them to special LED lights. These lights will activate the whitening components, leaving the patient with a brilliant smile.

For more significant issues, patients can opt for dental veneers. Veneers are essentially fake teeth that are fitted over older teeth to mask an issue. This is a great option for those with decayed teeth. A dentist will first assess the damage and provide his recommendation. There’s a number of different materials and ways to go about applying veneers, so a dentist’s evaluation is important. A cast is made of the tooth in question for creation of a veneer that’s uniform to the rest of the teeth. The original tooth is then prepared for application. A cement is applied to the tooth to ensure a strong hold for years to come.

All in all, Cosmetic Dentistry in Littleton to fix any issue. They will help patients achieve the smile of their dreams while promoting great oral hygeine. While it may seem daunting to visit the dentist, patients will not regret their decision. They’ll leave the office with a brand new smile that will surely turn heads.



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