Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

USFDA sanitarians find that the majority of code violations found during premises inspections are temperature abuse, not necessarily from easily corrected operational issues but from using improper or inappropriate refrigeration equipment. Although the FDA regulations specifies the temperature and time that food stuff can be in a refrigerated environment, the code does not specify the type of commercial refrigeration in California that is needed.

Types of commercial refrigeration equipment:

Except when food is being prepared or served, it needs to be kept at or below 41 degrees F for no more than seven days. The code also states that food can be kept at 45 degrees F for four days in the event the facility does not have the equipment that is necessary to maintain a 41 degree temperature.

Commercial refrigeration in California is designed and manufactured to meet the conditions that prevail in this type of setting. The various types of refrigeration equipment that is produced are designed to meet specific performance demands, all of which meet the food codes. From a commercial operator’s point of view, the refrigerator that is selected depends on a number of unique factors which include:

   * The food
   * The preparation procedure
   * The volume of food, and
   * Frequency of delivery

Beverage coolers: These are intended for storage and display of bottled or canned beverages such as soft drinks and beer.

Display coolers: These are designed to display food which has been pre-chilled, these units maintain safe temperatures.

Buffet units: These are for the display of pre-chilled food and are used for customer self service

Storage refrigerators: Not intended for the long term storage of chilled food, used primarily for storage between preparation, display and eventual sale

Walk in units: This is a fully enclosed, temperature controlled room, the most common type of commercial refrigeration in California.

Refrigerators designed for use in a domestic environment are not acceptable for use in commercial applications as the cooling capacity and temperature recovery times are unknowns.

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