TMJ Treatment Options In Farmington Hills Are Effective And Comfortable

The mouth is one of the most important parts of our body, because it allows us to take in and ingest food and liquids which are vital for our survival. Because it takes in a wide variety of substances from the outside world, the mouth, especially the teeth and gums, is susceptible to developing any number of disorders. One of the most common oral problems is TMJ, which is the abbreviation for temporomandibular disorder. Many people may not know if they already have it, because the symptoms can be so varied. However, with regular examinations by a dentist, you can catch the disease as soon as it begins to manifest itself. Fortunately, in places such as Farmington Hills, there are several treatment options for combating and relieving TMJ.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ is a disorder in which the temporomandibular joint is inflamed. This stops the muscles and jawbone from working in harmony with the skull, affecting the person’s ability to chew and bite down. Although TMJ can vary in severity, there are a few common symptoms that signal that you have it. This includes pain in the ears and face, chipped teeth, headaches at night, sore jaw muscles and frequent jaw locking.

Treating TMJ In Farmington Hills

If you have TMJ, then you can choose between a few different treatments. A treatment can be chosen based on your lifestyle and how severe your case of TMJ is. In some instances, a modification should be made in your diet. Physical therapy might also be needed. Special mouth guards and bite splints, which are customized to you personally, help heal your jaw, protect it and train it to be in the right posture. TMJ can be uncomfortable and disrupting, but with the right treatment, this can be a thing of the past and your jaw will be strong and healthy once again.

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