Tips For Working With Voile Fabric

Tips For Working With Voile Fabric

For weddings, anniversaries, seasonal parties and other types of events, voile makes a beautiful, practical and low-cost fabric for all types of decorations. Voile fabric is a semi-sheer, almost transparent fabric that can be made of cotton, wool or even silk.

In many cases, the voile fabric used for decorating is a blend, typically including cotton and polyester. The combination provides a slightly stiffer fabric that holds up well in bows and drapes beautifully without being overly heavy or starchy. It is also surprisingly reasonable with regards to costs.

Voile, with its natural semi-transparency and shimmy look, is a perfect combination with lighting. When selecting a white or off-white color of voile and using colored lighting, it creates a diffuse pool of light over the surface of the fabric, perfect for over a dance floor or at a reception.

Decorating Ideas for Weddings

The most popular use of voile for weddings and special events is to create a decorated ceiling. With or without the lighting addition, voile can be draped from the center of the room to the exterior walls to create a “tent” effect or to simply add an element of softness to an otherwise boring ceiling.

As it is lightweight, it is very easy to work with and can be easily tied to a central fixture in the ceiling and then attached to the walls using tacks, staples or even tape.

Bows on Chairs and Head Table Swags

It is possible to use voile fabric or tulle to create amazing bows for over chair covers or to simply add a dash of style to uncovered chairs. With the variety of colors from dark to pastel or white, it is a perfect combination with any chair or chair color.

Draping or creating swags along the front of the head table is another great use for voile. Using more than one color and creating a twist in the fabric is a simple way to incorporate multiple wedding colors into a unique head table decoration.

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