Three Reasons to Contact Tree Services In East Lyme, CT For Stump Removal

That ugly stump in your yard needs to be removed for more reasons than its unsightly appearance. Tree stumps in the yard can pose a danger to family members, and it’s not uncommon for termites and other insects to live inside an old tree stump. Below, you’ll learn why homeowners should contact professional tree services in East Lyme, CT for stump removal.

Decreases Property Value

A dead tree stump in the yard can turn an otherwise beautiful landscape into an ugly mess. If the house is listed for sale, buyers are often turned off by decaying stumps littering the lawn. As a tree stump ages, it often begins to deteriorate, and this causes it to crumble into numerous pieces. When this occurs, it makes the yard appear very unkempt.

Poses A Safety Hazard

Tree stumps in the yard are trip hazards, especially for children while they’re playing or running. Tree stumps that are close to the ground may not be seen until it’s too late. Pieces of the broken stump are often hidden in the grass and when the lawn mower hits them, it will send them flying. People who are nearby can become hurt if they’re hit by a chunk of wood. Loose pieces of wood and bark can also damage the lawn mower blades.

Creates Insect Infestations

Since termites depend on wood as their food source, these tiny insects are often found living inside old tree stumps. If the stump is in close proximity to the house, it’s not uncommon for these bugs to travel into the home and begin eating the wood structure. Once termites infest a home, they are difficult to get rid of, and a termite extermination is often costly. It’s less expensive and less frustrating to contact tree services in East Lyme CT to remove the stump before an infestation occurs.

If you have a tree stump in your yard that you want to have removed, contact the professionals at Dunn’s Tree Service. This experienced Connecticut company also specializes in additional tree services, such as trimming, pruning, and fertilizing. Click here to visit their company website and to contact these professionals for a free estimate for any of their tree services.

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