Medical Marijuana, Buying from Dispensaries in Illinois

Medical Marijuana, Buying from Dispensaries in Illinois

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois, although legal, are not allowed by law to sell any product to a patient who does not have a medical marijuana card.

Marijuana for medical use was legalized in 2013. In addition to legalizing it for patients having a medical marijuana card, marijuana was decriminalized in 2016 for everyone.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Illinois

There are currently 33 states as well as DC that have legalized marijuana for medical use. Illinois was the 20th state to do so. The law in Illinois ensures that anyone diagnosed with an eligible medical condition can apply for a registry ID card. The card is required to purchase medical marijuana from any dispensary in the state. To obtain the card, a written certification from a doctor specifying the patient’s condition must be included with the application.

The Registration Process

To get a registry identification card, patients, or their caregivers must register with the Illinois Department of Health. Strict medical requirements must be met. Only applicants diagnosed with a qualifying debilitating medical condition are eligible. Other requirements include:

  • Only residents of Illinois are eligible. They must remain a resident while they are participating in the program.
  • The applicant must have a certificate from a doctor unless he or she is a veteran getting care at a VA facility.
  • Complete an exhaustive background check.
  • Not be an active law enforcement officer, firefighter, or correctional officer.

Selecting a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Once the registration process has been completed, the patient must choose a dispensary from which he or she will purchase medical marijuana. It is possible to change dispensaries, but the change must be made through the Illinois Department of Public Health. Once the new dispensary has been approved, the patient can enter the premises within 24 hours of receipt of approval.

Before visiting medical marijuana dispensaries, it is necessary for patients or their caregiver to apply for a registry ID card in Illinois. Once registration has been approved, the patient can visit any Greenhouse location in the state. For dispensary locations, visit us.

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