Just How Cost-Effective is Custom Screen Printing in Bellingham WA?

The process of Custom Screen Printing in Bellingham WA will last longer on apparel, signs, displays, and promotional gifts. It also allows more flexibility is designs and logos, produces more vivid colors, and will not fade or crack. The presentation is more stunning, more professional, and more memorable than regular printing. The websites for promotional product companies only indicate that the process is affordable. Suggestions of getting the same results with fewer products; not having to replace display materials as frequently; and making a better impression with custom printing are also used to entice businesses into opting for the specialty service.

It is not until items are selected that actual pricing differences are made clear. Some companies provide free quotes, which is helpful, but those are also offered after an item has been selected. That does little to inform a business about just how cost-effective Custom Screen Printing in Bellingham WA is for items. While the process of selecting items before knowing exact costs can be frustrating, the purpose of that is to help a business focus on selecting the right items to make a lasting connection to customers rather than focusing merely on pricing. The reality of the situation is that the process of screen printing really is cost-effective. The pricing difference depends on the number of colors used, the quantity ordered, and the size of the finished image.

It is important to compare like products to get an accurate idea of the price difference. Using small tote bags as an example, the pricing difference can be literally pennies between regular printing and screen printing. It is well worth the price to have a promotional gift that will last longer and make a better impression on customers. Business owners who are skeptical of the higher return on the investment should order one item using the custom screening process. Compare the results to those of past promotions that utilized regular printing. Another idea is to have a display stand screen printed when it requires replacing, and keep track of how long it lasts. Click Here to get free quotes, or have questions answered by experienced representatives.

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