Injury Attorneys in Marana AZ can Help Clients Recover from Back Injuries

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Lawyers

A back injury is any that happens to the upper, middle or lower portion of the back, and they can result in intense pain, and limited mobility because of the interconnectedness of the spinal column and the surrounding nerves. These injuries typically occur along with neck and head trauma. Back injuries are considered serious, as they can lead to temporary incapacitation or even paralysis. Anyone who has suffered such a serious injury should consider consulting one of the injury attorneys in Marana, AZ for legal advice.

Causes of Back Injury

Most back injuries are due to trauma in that area, and are often the result of a slip and fall, automobile or sporting accident, or a criminal act such as battery. However, physical blows do not always cause back injuries; many are caused by repetitive stress. Common causes of these injuries are repeated lifting of very heavy objects, or sitting/standing in one place for a long time.

Legal Theory as Applied to a Back Injury Claim

There are many different legal remedies available to plaintiffs depending on the injury’s cause. An injured party may be able to collect damages if:

1. The injury was work related
2. The injury was caused by someone else’s negligence
3. He or she was assaulted or battered

Monetary Recovery After a Back Injury

A person suffering a back injury may be able to recover for medical bills (hospital stays, pain medicines), and for the pain and suffering they have endured. If the person has been unable to work, and may not be able to work in the future, they may be eligible for lost wage compensation. Costs, such as ongoing rehabilitation and physical therapy, may also be recoverable. In criminal cases, the plaintiff may be able to get punitive damages if the injury was a result of an intentional act.

Do Those with Back Injuries Need an Attorney?

A back injury can be debilitating and very difficult to contend with, but plaintiffs can recover for some of their injury-related losses. Injury Attorneys in Marana AZ can help a client take a case to court, and he or she can help them get the damages to which they are entitled. Those who have suffered back injuries should consult with an attorney to see which legal remedies are available.

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