Five Things to Consider When Choosing an Anniversary Party Venue in New Lenox, IL

On major anniversaries, such as the 25th or 50th anniversary of a wedding, it isn’t unusual to throw an anniversary party. Once a person decides to do this, one of the major decisions is where to hold the party. There are a number of things to consider when choosing an Anniversary Party Venue in New Lenox IL.


Before making any other decisions, decide on a budget. This will make it much easier to narrow down the options for venues, as it will eliminate a number of them as being too expensive. Keep in mind that the budget needs to cover food, entertainment, and decorations as well as any potential venue rental fees.

Size of the Party

Next, determine about how many people will be invited. A very small party could just involve going out to dinner in a restaurant or getting together in the home of one of the participants, while a larger party may require the party planner to rent out a hall or a function room in a restaurant or hotel.

Formality of the Party

Next, decide whether the party will be casual or more formal. For a more formal event, renting a banquet room at an Anniversary Party Venue in New Lenox IL, may be a good idea. A more casual event may be better suited to a less formal, more relaxed environment, such as a backyard BBQ or dinner in a home.

Food to Be Served

Think about what food will be served. Perhaps a special menu recreating that eaten on a first date or a favorite meal of the happy couple. Just make sure that, if a location is being rented, food can be brought in from outside or that the meal in question can be provided by the location.


In some cases, the entertainment could include the happy couple renewing their vows. Otherwise, simply playing background music and having a few toasts may be sufficient. Fancier parties may include hiring a band or DJ as long as the venue allows for this. Make sure to get a room with enough space if dancing is to be included as one of the potential activities during the party.

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