Fallen Trees on Neighboring Homes Can Effect Your Home Insurance in Oklahoma City OK

Fallen Trees on Neighboring Homes Can Effect Your Home Insurance in Oklahoma City OK

Homeowner’s insurance offers coverage for a lot of events that can damage your property. You are probably aware that you are covered if your home catches on fire, if your house is burglarized or if your property is damaged in a storm. Sometimes storms can cause trees to fall and if a tree from your yard falls on your home, you will also be covered for the damage to your roof. You may not know, though, that if a tree from one of your neighbor’s yards falls and causes damage to your property, you Home Insurance in Oklahoma City OK is responsible for the damage and you may be liable for the deductible.

If your neighbor has an unhealthy tree in their yard that is in danger of falling on your property, you may be able to limit your liability if you inform them in writing of your concerns. Be sure keep all documentation because if the tree or limbs from the tree damage your home, you will need copies of the notices you sent to them as well as their responses to prove your neighbor is liable because they neglected the tree.

In some cases, your insurance company may attempt to collect the amount of the claim from the tree owner’s insurance company. However, if your neighbor’s insurance provider will not accept liability for the accident, you will likely have to pay the deductible if you want to get your property repaired. You may have the option of suing your neighbor to collect the money you pay in your deductible but these kind of lawsuits should be carefully considered if you want to maintain a amicable relationship with your neighbors.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy has a section after the covered events that lists the things that are not covered. Be sure to read the exclusions and limitations portion of your Home Insurance in Oklahoma City OK very carefully and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Knowing what is covered by your Home Insurance before you need to use it can make filing a claim a lot less stressful.

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