Exploring Claims with a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Junction City, KS

In Kansas, medical malpractice cases are started due to a violation of state and federal laws. All doctors and medical staff must undergo adequate training before they provide care to patients. The training shows them how to properly care for patients and avoid common errors. A medical malpractice lawyer in Junction City, KS is available to help patients who were injured due to errors and inferior health care practices.

Comparing the Standard of Care

The standard of care is assessed according to what all doctors in the same situation would do. The cases require a medical doctor that shares the same credentials and background as the defendant to testify about the patient’s condition. The medical witness evaluates the patient’s case and identifies where the error occurred and if they would have made a different choice.

Circumstances Identified As Medical Malpractice

Common circumstances identified in a medical malpractice case could include surgical errors, the wrong diagnosis, and providing inferior medication. The cases could also include the use of faulty equipment and a failure to perform tests correctly. The evidence should show how a condition worsened due to a failure to provide adequate care to the patient.

Who Could Become a Defendant in a Lawsuit?

Primarily, doctors are identified as a defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, any medical staff that was involved in the event that caused the injuries could be sued. Nurses, surgical staff, and other doctors that provided care could be held accountable in the case, as well.

Are There Limits on Medical Malpractice Lawsuits?

The state imposes a cap on all punitive and noneconomic damages. Currently, punitive damages used to punish a doctor cannot exceed $5 million. All non-economic damages such as tort based awards for pain and suffering are capped at $250,000. There aren’t any caps on economic damages that include the patient’s financial losses.

In Kansas, medical malpractices encompass specific failures committed by doctors. The events could happen during surgery or over the course of medical treatment. Any failure that causes an injury or causes the patient’s condition to worsen could fall under medical malpractice laws. Patients who need to start a claim can contact a medical malpractice lawyer in Junction City, KS through the Oleen Law Firm or visit website for more info now.

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