Eliminate Leaks With Professional Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX

The roof of every building endures a lot of harsh weather. If it isn’t the summer sun drying things out, then it could be the freezing cycles that occur in the winter or damage from dense hail falling on it. In many cases, the damage from frozen water can be the worst because it usually occurs slowly. Ice damage typically starts with a little moisture seeping under the roofing and freezing. This causes the ice to swell, which forces the roofing materials to separate.

Unfortunately, more separation allows more water, and this results in even further damage. If the problem is not found in its early stages, then it may be time to consult an expert about Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX. Replacing the roof is a huge task, and this is especially true if the roof is covered in composite shingles. The contractor must first deal with all the old roofing before attempting to install the new covering.

However, there are some decisions that will need to be made. For instance, should the new roof use the same materials as before or would another option work better. There are many possibilities including asphalt shingles, fiber-cement tiles, clay tiles and metals such as copper or steel. The two most common are composite asphalt products and steel. This is partly due to the quality of the materials that are now available. Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX using composite shingles should last for many decades provided that a quality product is properly installed. Steel roofing may provide a better option because it is designed to prevent moisture from entering the building and manufactured to last for many decades. The steel uses an overlapping edge that prevents liquid from seeping under it, and the metal is treated to prevent corrosion. Typical steel coatings are galvanizing or the application of silicon or polymer- based paint. Galvanizing generally uses zinc or a zinc/aluminum alloy to reduce corrosion, but the use of paint based protection provides the property owner with more color choices. Both protective coatings give the metal at least four to five decades of service. Plus, metal can be further protected with other protective materials if required. Click here for more information about roof replacement.

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