Consumers Guide to Pipe Bending in Seattle Washington

Consumers Guide to Pipe Bending in Seattle Washington

Who do you turn to for your metal fabrication needs? Whether you are in any number of industries including construction and design, agriculture, and automotive; or you are a novice attempting a DIY project at home, you need the experience, knowledge, and commitment a professional fabricator will bring to your needs for Pipe Bending in Seattle Washington.


• Steel

• Stainless steel

• Aluminum

• Copper

• Carbon

• Brass

• Plastic

What is your project? What is the final destination for your end product? You will want a material of quality, grade and size that will stand up to its surroundings and that will tolerate the kind of pipe bending in Seattle, Washington you need. Handrails, exhaust pipes, heavy-duty appliances, playground equipment, irrigation systems, decorative art work–each of these products require a certain amount of precision and has a specific environmental destination. Look to the expertise and knowledge of fabricators like those at Specialty Metals to help you determine your pipe bending material needs.


• Ram Bending

• Ring Roll Bending

• Compression Bending

• Rotary Draw Bending

What process will you use to have your pipes bent to your needs? Is your chosen material light weight or heavy? Are you working with a tube that is large or small in diameter? Do you require a more precise bend that will maintain the diameter of your tube? Ram bending is the oldest and least expensive method of pipe bending and is applied to pipe lighter in weight. Ring roll bending is applied to pipes with larger diameters.

Compression bending can save you time and may be preferable when the appearance of the finished product is not as important. Rotary draw bending is the most frequently chosen method of bending. With rotary draw bending, use of a mandrel is available. Rotary draw requires more tools to perform it, but it is also more precise. Certain grades and sizes of pipes may respond better to certain bending methods. A professional fabricator experienced in pipe bending will be able to help you decide which method of bending is right for your project and chosen material.

Whatever your needs for Pipe Bending Seattle Washington, you will find the knowledge and help of experienced fabricators invaluable as you consider your project and make a plan for completing it. For materials, service and decades of expertise across a wide range of pipe bending and metal fabricating situations, check out to find out how their experienced pipe bending fabricators can help you.

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