Common Problems with an Overhead Door in Woburn, MA

Common Problems with an Overhead Door in Woburn, MA

When people have garage doors installed for their homes, they want to enjoy the benefit of being able to open the door electronically, without ever having to get out of the car. They want to be able to feel secure in their homes, knowing that they can control the garage door with the push of a button on their key chain. However, sometimes those garage doors don’t quite work as they should. This is when they would need to call in a specialist who repairs such doors. A door contractor who will sell, install and repair an Overhead Door in Woburn MA tells about possible problems with overhead doors.

The most annoying problem people have with their overhead doors is that they will stick open or closed. Sometimes, it could be a matter of changing out the batteries in the remote garage opener. Other times, it can get more complex, dealing with sensors and switches. The garage doors are sometimes hung unevenly, causing the garage door to get stuck. A professional contractor can come out and correct any outages with a door hung improperly.

If the door moves from side to side when opening, it could be anything from debris stuck somewhere along the door tracks to a faulty motor (in the electric doors). Sometimes, garage doors will fall too quickly. This is quite the safety hazard and could come from broken cables or springs that are too loose. It is not a job that amateurs should try to repair themselves. Professional door contractors know how to remain safe when replacing items of this nature. Finally, if the remote garage opener is not working, and the obvious has been identified, it could be a garage opener motor.

Collins Overhead Door has been providing overhead door solutions for customers in the Woburn, Massachusetts area for 35 years. The company offers services to residential and commercial customers. Customers can get same day service, and the company also provides emergency services. Overhead doors of all types are available. If any individual or business owner needs to replace an Overhead Door in Woburn MA, the company is available. Visit the website at

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