Best E-Cig Liquids of 2016

The most exciting part of vaping is getting new e-cig liquids in the mail, otherwise known as “Vape Mail.” It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the Ejuice vendors and the endless combination of flavors. The great part of vaping is the close-knit family of vapers. When vapers find a good flavor and vendor, they talk about it.

The best e-cig liquids of 2016 list will give you a great start in finding the highest-grade vape juice. All vendors and flavors are made in the USA and use the highest food or pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The list has been divided into three categories.

One of the most popular e-cig varieties is the dessert category. Dessert Ejuice artists are similar to pastry chefs. It takes a real craftsperson and artist to make dessert-flavored ejuice. The ability to combine endless ingredients to the perfect balance is rare.

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood

Lead the way in the premium ejuice market. There are few e-cig liquids on the market that have reached this level of flavor. Cuttwood has received more awards for this flavor of ejuice than any other vendor in the world.
Unicorn Milk is the perfect blend of strawberries that are ripe, but not overripe. That flavor is expertly blended into a wonderful combination of four different creamy creations. It literally leaves people speechless. This stuff is addicting after once puff. After tasting a premium ejuice like Unicorn Milk, you won’t be able to go back to average ejuice.

Cosmic Fog E Juices

We all have tried those over-the-top vape juices. Cosmic Fog is a premium ejuice company that you can afford to use every day. Blending great e juice flavors at a great price while keeping the quality high is not easy. For vapers using RDA devices that require a lot of ejuice, Cosmic Fog has larger four-ounce dripper bottles.

Coming out of California, Cosmic Fog is one of the highest quality ejuice lines, with award-winning flavors. You likely have not seen some of its flavor combinations anywhere else. The names of its ejuice line stand out from the crowd.

Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog

This variety is just like tasting a hard candy flavored with melon. Many vapers have picked this flavor of ejuice as their ADV (All Day Vape). It is a sweet flavor that you never get tired of vaping, very similar to rock candy of days gone by.

Milk and Honey by Cosmic Fog

This has a great intense taste that floats off the tongue. This is an amazingly refreshing flavor. It has a hint of marshmallows, but is also creamy. When you exhale you have a wonderful honey taste. Other vapers have compared it to gram crackers and milk.

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