Backyard Weddings: How an Expert in Cincinnati Wedding Photography Makes the Most of the Setting

Not everyone wants a wedding that involves a huge number of people and takes place in a grand hall. Some find a simple wedding at home is in line with the way they want to begin married life. When a backyard is the site of the ceremony and the reception, it takes an expert in Cincinnati Wedding Photography to make the most of the setting. Here is what that professional can do to ensure the most important moments are captured to perfection.

Assessing the Landscape Elements

What areas of the back yard would make ideal backdrops for different photographs? Whether candid photos of guests during the reception or taking shots of the ceremony from different angles, the photographer will determine in advance where to be when those special moments occur. By taking the time to plan for those photographs in advance, it will be easier to move in position, take the shots, and do so without attracting any attention from the guests or the wedding party.

Evaluating the Amount of Natural Light

Depending on the time of day the ceremony will take place, there may be plenty of natural light for photographing the event. When the forecast is for sunny skies, the photographer will pay special attention to the placement of trees and how much shade they cast. If the ceremony will take place in a backyard arbor, the level of natural light will be checked in the days prior to the ceremony. That makes it possible to determine if additional light is needed and where those lights can be set up without interfering with the visual appeal of the setting.

Talking About Shots With the Couple

The expert in Cincinnati Wedding Photography will also talk with the couple and the wedding planner about shots before and after the ceremony. These include staged shots of the couple with the wedding party or with close relatives and friends. The goal is to ensure the couple has a collection of photographs that include every type of remembrance they desire.

If a home wedding is what the couple wants, Contact Daniel Michael today and arrange for a consultation. It won’t take long to decide what equipment is needed, how the shots will be taken, and what sort of staged photographs must be part of the plan.

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