Atlas Exterminator Co Inc In Bel Air, MD Can Eliminate Your Pests

Atlas Exterminator Co Inc In Bel Air, MD Can Eliminate Your Pests

When a building is infested with rats, mice, termites, and other pests, it is important to contact Atlas Exterminator Co Inc in Bel Air MD. Rats and mice can cause extensive damage to a building and cause alarm in restaurants and other retail establishments. Termites can destroy a structure and can be difficult to detect.

When any building is experiencing a bed bug problem, the owner or property manager should immediately contact an experienced exterminator to eliminate the problem. Bed bugs can travel easily in suitcases and other items that are transported in or out of a building. With an aggressive attack plan on these bugs, no customers, employees, or visitors will suffer the effects these bugs can unleash.


A common form of termite found in the Maryland area is the subterranean termite. These types of termites live in the ground and use mud tubes to travel from one location to another. They usually swarm in the spring when the weather gets warm, but may be yards away from the actual location of the nest.

Termites are highly destructive to wood and will eat the internal sections of a structure without an owner knowing they are there. Termites look different at various stages of their lives, and only an experienced exterminator will be able to detect if an owner has a problem.

Eliminating Termites

There is not a single plan that works for every termite situation, and Atlas Exterminator Co Inc in Bel Air MD can design a plan that will work for a home or business. They will put a liquid barrier treatment around the perimeter of a building that will not release any odors into the air. Bait stations will be put into the ground to deliver the necessary poison by the termites.

When you contact the Atlas Exterminator Company, they can also perform new construction pretreatment protection inspections and liquid traditional treatment. The elimination of pests in a home or business will reduce the chances of serious problems for the occupants or the structure.

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