Animal Hospitals in Yorktown NY Diagnose Why Cats Vomit, and What Can be Done About It

Animal Hospitals in Yorktown NY Diagnose Why Cats Vomit, and What Can be Done About It

Vomiting is the most common cat ailment. Animal Hospitals in Yorktown NY will look at the vomit itself, so bringing in a sample may be advised. The veterinarians will consider taking blood tests and reviewing the cat for any infections. Vomiting is not always something dangerous- but it can be.

Vomiting can be caused by something as minor as eating plastic to something as complex as a urinary tract infection. Vomiting should be reviewed quickly if it continues for over a week. Cat owners should review the vomit itself to see if any specific items appear. It is possible for a cat to have an allergy or a specific response to a common food item. They may also be getting into something in the home. Cats all over the country love to feast on the pine needles from a Christmas tree, but they can rarely digest them properly. Fortunately, a small change in diet or the removal of that item they keep eating will solve the problem.

There are, of course, other minor illnesses that could be the root cause of vomiting. A cat may simply have nausea after a particular surgery or treatment. They could also have a poor diet with would cause an imbalance of chemicals and toxins in the body. Many cat owners are looking at organic and health-oriented cat foods for more. The Animal Hospitals in Yorktown NY recommend specialty brands for sensitive cats who are continuing to vomit. This may be recommended if the veterinarians do not notice anything else in the tests.

What are some of the most serious issues involving vomiting? The three that continue to appear are pancreatitis, an intestinal parasite, or kidney failure. Unfortunately, these ailments do not often have a variety of other symptoms. A kidney failure may result in dark urine (presence of blood). An intestinal parasite is quite hidden, and rarely makes itself known in obvious symptoms.

If the cat is on any medications, the veterinarian may make adjustments. Particular medications for diabetes or even AIDS may cause excessive vomiting. Contact for more on diagnosing a vomiting cat and finding the root cause of this problem.

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