A Criminal Attorney in Wichita, KS Protects a Defendant’s Rights

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Law

No matter what the police say to a person when they arrest him, the person should say nothing until his Criminal Attorney in Wichita KS, arrives. Police are allowed to lie to a person during questioning. They can say they have evidence linking them to the crime, when all they have is a circumstantial case. A defendant may panic when he hears the trumped up evidence and say things to incriminate himself. That is just what the police are hoping will happen. A defense lawyer knows how to evaluate statements made by the police. He will ensure the defendant says nothing to weaken his case.

Defendants can spend months in jail waiting for their trial if they can’t afford bail. A Criminal Attorney in Wichita KS, will appear with the defendant at the arraignment hearing. That’s where the defendant pleads guilty or not guilty and hears the amount of bail they have to post. While most defendants are given the opportunity to post bail, some are given extremely high bail amounts. The judge does this to make it hard for them to find the money. A defense attorney can refute the reasons the district attorney is using to request a high bail amount. This makes it easier for a person and their family to post bail.

When a person is out on bail, it’s more convenient for them to participate in their defense. They can stop by the lawyer’s office and easily answer any questions. However, they have to be careful what they say to people and post on social media before the trial. Police monitor these websites. If the defendant makes an incriminating statement, it can be used at trial. If they are accused of attacking a friend, the judge might have made it a condition of their bail that they stay away from that person. It can be frustrating to be accused by a friend, and it’s only natural to want to know why they are doing it. However, posting a question on the victim’s wall could get their bail revoked.

The defense attorney will work with the defendant to figure out the victim’s motive for lying. During the trial, the victim will have to testify and the lawyer will have an opportunity to question their story. The jury will then decide who is telling the truth. Lawyers at Rocky Wiechman Law provide these types of services.

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