3 Tips for Planning a Bathroom Remodel

3 Tips for Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Having your bathroom remodeled requires careful planning and foresight so you get the most bang for your buck and are satisfied with the end result. From choosing the perfect fixtures to hiring a company in SATX to install a custom shower, here are three tips about how to plan a major bathroom overhaul.

1. List in Advance

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they decide to remodel their bathroom is making decisions on the fly. This results in hasty, uninformed choices and disappointment. Before you start with your remodel, sit down and make a list of all the things you’ll need to decide. From the construction and installation of fixtures, right down to the elements that you’ll add yourself after it’s done, such as a shower curtain and rugs. The goal is to plan out a result that you’ll be happy with when it all comes together.

2. Look for Inspiration

There are countless images and ideas about bathroom design online. Whether you consult Google or Pinterest, you’re guaranteed to get some inspirational ideas from other people. For example, according to Better Homes & Gardens, a current trend that makes a big statement with a minimalistic look are floating vanities. These are the types of ideas that can help you formulate an aesthetic theme for your bathroom.

3. Choose Fixtures in Person

Fixtures make a huge different when it comes to the aesthetic quality of a bathroom. There are many types of fixtures to choose from, ranging from different materials such as ceramic knobs, to simple metal pulls. The key to choosing a fixture you’ll like is by seeing it in person. While you’ll get a wider variety of options online, being able to touch and view a fixture sample is absolutely essential. A wise rule of thumb is to choose a material that’s durable so you don’t find your fixtures rusting in only a few years.

An update your bathroom is an excellent investment, since it will last in years to come. Making the right decisions now will extend the lifetime of your bathroom remodel.

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